Profitability Calculation of the main crops’ growing in Ukraine

Commodity Market Analyst UkrAgroConsult has developed a universal calculator of marginal revenue per hectare from growing six crops (wheat, corn, barley, rape, soy, and sunflower) in Ukraine. With the help of this tool, grain market participants (farmers and traders) will be able to forecast returns on growing certain crops.

The marginal revenue calculation takes into account costs of key inputs: seeds, fertilizers, fuels, herbicides, pesticides, use of machinery, land lease, yield, wages, and projected selling price. It deals with two farming types: extensive and intensive ones.

The calculator developed by UkrAgroConsult Analyst is easy to use and allows grain market participants, through substituting their own input data, to forecast with higher probability and/or accuracy marginal revenue per hectare from growing key crops.


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Culture / cultivation method Planned price, UAH / ha Yield Costs, UAH / ha Revenue, UAH / ha Profit, UAH / ha