Ukraine. Grain yield exceeds last year yield 17.2%

2011-10-12 11:26:59

As of October 10, in Ukraine, 43.7 million tons of grain was threshed, which is 17.2% up against the same date of 2010.

As the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry informed, grain crops and leguminous cultures were harvested from 13.2 million ha or 86% of the forecast. Average yield of those cultures in the country is 33.1 centners/ha against 27.1 centners/ha last year.

In particular, corn yield by the reporting date made up 8.4 million tons from 1.5 million ha (42% of the forecast). Its average crop capacity makes up 55.4 centners/ha, whereas in 2010 - 43.1 centners/ha.

Buckwheat was gathered from 0.27 million ha (93% of the forecast). It was threshed to the amount of 0.3 million tons with average crop capacity 11.4 centners/ha against last year's 8.4 centners/ha.

Millet was thrashed on 0.15 million ha (97% of the forecast), from which 0.29 million tons was received with average crops capacity of 19.2 centners/ha (in 2010 - 15.3 centners/ha).

Farmers continue harvesting technical cultures. In particular, as of October 10, Ukraine thrashed 7.7 million tons of sunflower seeds from 4.16 million ha (91% of the forecast). Its average crop capacity makes up 18.6 centners/ha, whereas in 2010 - 15.9 centners/ha.

Soya gathered on 0.76 million ha (68% of the forecast), 1.56 million tons was thrashed with crop capacity of 20.5 centners/ha (in 2010 году - 15.7 centners/ha).

By October 10, agricultural economies gathered 9.96 million tons of sugar beet from 0.28 million ha (53% of the forecast). Its average crop capacity makes up 351 centners/ha against 296 centners/ha in 2010.

Earlier, the Cabinet's press service informed that in the new yield, a ratio of milling wheat against fodder wheat is, according to expert estimates, 70% against 30%.

It is expected that this year, Ukraine will increase grain harvesting to 51 million tons, which will allow to double grain export to 24 million tons in a season of 2011/2012 marketing year.