Positive start of the week: will it last?

2011-10-11 13:04:12

Despite the good news from Ukraine and its Agroholdings, global community is alarmed about possible problems in Europe. Stock markets showed positive reaction to the statement that European banks will help Greece with its debt issues. However on Monday, October 10, subway workers were on strike against constantly decreasing wages as Greek government is implementing austerity program necessary for the recovery of the country. There seems to be a significant gap between understanding of debt problem solution between the government and the average Greek citizen. As this gap increases, there is a potential danger for other actions in the country that is troubled already. The main point is that it is necessary for the Greek government to take preventive measures concerning possible outbursts of anger towards decreasing wages, increasing taxes, less public service available. In case these measures are not taken, Greek might face even larger problems that debt ones.