Agro Association of Customs Union to be created on October 14

2011-10-11 13:02:14

Agroindustrial association of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus will be created on October 14 in Moscow, reports citing Kazakhstan's Minister of Agriculture as saying at the meeting in Majilis (lower chamber of the Parliament).

“Agroindustrial association between Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia will be created under the Customs Union on October 14 in Moscow,” Mamytbekov said.

According to Agriculture Minister, Kazakhstan is actively interacting with grain union of Russia. “We are currently considering swap-operation with Russia, as they have the same problems with transportation costs. Their main grain is grown in the south and consumed in the north and in the Far East,” he said and added that interaction options profitable for both parties are being considered.

Besides, he said, the rates will be equalized for transportation of Kazakhstan grain at the territory of the Russian Federation.