Ukrainian land will be purchased for trifling sum

2011-10-11 12:42:08

Following appearance of the land market in Ukraine, a price for the farm land will make up about EUR 300/ha, Head of the State Agency of Land Resources Serhiy Tymchenko has said in an interview to "Zerkalo Nedeli. Ukraine," UKRINFORM reports citing the website of the media resource.

"But this, certainly, is apparently an underestimated price, in Central and Eastern Europe, in such countries as Hungary and Poland, where farm lands are of far more lower quality against our lands, they cost EUR 3,000-5,000/ha at the minimum and higher. And in West European countries, the price starts from EUR 10,000/ha," he underscored.

Tymchenko also noted that under the present law everything goes in the direction when all lands and agriculture will be controlled by 7-10 agroholdings. "And the land reform will be directed to another direction and its main task is not to allow that farmers to be divorced from the soil," the head of the state land agency said.

For this, in his opinion, it is necessary to envisage maximum possible limitations and instruments, one of which is creation of the state land bank, whose activity will be aimed at support and rising profitability of small and medium business at Ukrainian agroindustrial complex.

After the land law comes into force, land owners will get possibility to use capital, which they have, their land shares. They will be able not only to lease their land, at the same time, at a more acceptable price, to sell, present it as a gift or to pass the land by right of succession, but to carry out economic activities on this land, independently or collectively, having received the necessary money resources against security of the land share for development of their economy. And with the time, those possibilities will only grow, since with development of the land market, its price, like the rent amount, will inevitably grow," the official says.

Earlier, President Viktor Yanukovych said that in 2011, all draft laws on the land reform will be adopted. He reminded that the draft law on the land cadastre has been already adopted by the Parliament and expressed hope that at the beginning of next session other draft laws will be also adopted, which will introduce the land market since the beginning of 2012.