Black Sea grain: Export volumes are close to last years’ records

2015-01-26 10:47:01

On April 22-23, 2015 in Kiev will be held one of the world's largest grain forums - XII International Conference "Black Sea Grain-2015: Future is Now." The conference is a premiere event for Ukrainian and Black Sea grain market, annually bringing together leading experts and industry operators from all over the world. It is aimed at reaching a better understanding of trends in production and grain trade, promotes international cooperation and exchange of experience. The conference is organized by a consulting agency "UkrAgroConsult".

According to UkrAgroConsult, volume of grain export from Ukraine in July-December was well above the last year rate, mainly due to shipments of wheat and barley. Thus, wheat export reached 7,9 MMT, which is 18% more than for the same period last year. Export destinations were mostly the same as previous season, with an increase of wheat sales to Pakistan. Mainly food quality wheat was exported: the share of 1-3 classes totaled 57% of exports.

At the same time, Ukraine’s corn exports significantly lags behind the last year rate. From October to December 2014 Ukraine exported 6,02 MMT of corn, which is 30% less than for the same period last year. The main reason for such decrease is a reduction of corn crop. According to UkrAgroConsult’s estimate, corn crop in the current season was 25,9 MMT compared to 27 MMT last year. The main export destinations of Ukrainian corn remained the EU, China, Egypt, South Korea. Total share of these countries in October-December accounted for more than 70% of Ukrainian exports. Should be noted a sharp increase in Ukrainian corn supply to China. In October-December Ukraine has shipped to China more than 1,1 MMT of corn. For the reference, during a full season of 2013/14 corn exports to China totaled only 517 KMT.

As for the other Black Sea countries, total exports from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan in the first six months of the season are preliminarily estimated at almost 41.5 MMT (37.6 MMT during the same period if the previous season), including 18.4 MMT from Ukraine, 21 MMT from Russia and about 2 MMT from Kazakhstan, informs UkrAgroConsult. Comparing to the last season, current exports slowed down only in the last two months - November and December 2014, but still remain at the highest levels of previous years. The main contributor to high volume of exports was Russia, who exported a record amount of grain in the first half of the season.

Further prospects for Ukrainian and Black Sea grain market on the global arena will be presented by UkrAgroConsult’s analysts and leading international experts in the framework of the XII International Conference "Black Sea Grain-2015" to be held April 22-23, 2015 in Kiev, InterContinental Hotel.

More than 80 companies from 19 countries have already registered for "Black Sea Grain-2015".

Exclusive Financial Sponsor of the Conference -  Credit Agricole Bank; Sponsor – Filhet Allard Maritime.

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