Astarta released annual 2014 operations update: innovation and diversification

2015-01-23 12:39:52

Astarta reports a 15% increase of sugar beet production at 2.4 million tons as the result of 2014, compared to 2013 result. Company increased sugar production by hefty 53% to 466 thousand tons over the year, while grains and oilseeds harvest was 11% lower at 680 thousand tons. Milk production was up 14% at 104 thousand tons. New Globyno soybean processing plant was able to end its first year with 150 thousand of soybean meal, 35 thousand tons of soybean oils and 5 thousand tons of husk produced in 2014. New bioenergy complex generated 6.8 million cubic meters of biogas. Company’s CEO, Viktor Ivanchyk claimed that new segments (soybean processing and biogas) were a significant addition to company’s successful performance in 2014. At the same time, he expressed confidence in strong company’s potential for further growth and development.

UkrAgroConsult experts underline importance of further vertical integration, carried out by the company. Energy-efficiency, performance optimization and search of new markets are exactly the main goals of agri-businesses in Ukraine in 2015. Thus, we recognize company’s management effort towards further innovation and growth, despite difficult macroeconomic and overall situation in Ukraine.

UkrAgroConsult issues quarterly report “Agrarian Business in Ukraine”. Report covers quarterly operating and financial results of Public Ukrainian Agrarian companies. January Q1 2015 issue will include summary of 2014 results, as well as our forecast for 2015.  You can subscribe to the report to receive it on a quarterly basis.