Kernel released Q2 FY2015 operations update: strong results

2015-01-22 15:14:55

According to the report, released by the company, Kernel managed to increase its grain sales volume by 5.1% to 1 403 thousand tons, sunflower oil sales by 6.2% to 278 thousand tons, and bottled sunflower oil sales by 12.6% to 34 216 thousand liters. Company crushed 3.5% less sunflower seeds, at 700.3 thousand tons, increased export terminal throughput by 13.3% to 1 438 thousand tons and volume of grain and oilseeds received in silos increased by 1.3% to 2 478 thousand tons.

UkrAgroConsult concludes that given stale price tendency over the past quarter, it is safe to state that the company had strong finishing quarter in 2014. We expect solid financial results, based on stable growth of sales and production volume, performed by the company. Thus, we also suggest that the company will not face issues with debt payouts, despite almost two-fold devaluation of Ukrainian Hryvnya.

UkrAgroConsult issues quarterly report “Agrarian Business in Ukraine”. Report covers quarterly operating and financial results of Public Ukrainian Agrarian companies. January Q1 2015 issue will include summary of 2014 results, as well as our forecast for 2015.  You can subscribe to the report to receive it on a quarterly basis.