UkrAgroConsult: Ukrainian Agrarian Index gained 9.2% of capitalization since the beginning of 2015

2015-01-16 12:45:00

Ukrainian Agrarian Index indicated recovery of capitalization and share prices of Ukrainian Agrarian companies accordingly on foreign stock exchanges. Over the past 5 trading sessions, UAIndex indicated a 9.2% increase, having reached EUR 1.98 billion of market capitalization. Astarta, Kernel and Agroton were growth leaders with 31%, 17.5% and 15.8% growth accordingly since January 1, 2015. Recovery is attributed to relatively stable situation on the market and strong export potential of Ukrainian companies, given export tariffs on agricultural production introduced by Russian Federation. Despite peaking risks in the region, most of companies, operating in agrarian sector of Ukraine were able to accordingly adjust their strategies and continue operating under current conditions.

Ukrainian Agrarian Index includes 15 companies as of January 5, 2015: Agrokultura, Myronivskiy Khliboproduct, Kernel, Mriya, Agroton, Astarta, Agrogeneration, Avangard, Milkiland, IMC, KSG Agro, Ovostar Union, Agroliga and Cereal Planet.

UkrAgroConsult issues quarterly report “Agrarian Business in Ukraine”. Report covers quarterly operating and financial results of Public Ukrainian Agrarian companies. January Q1 2015 issue will include summary of 2014 results, as well as our forecast for 2015.  You can subscribe to the report to receive it on a quarterly basis.