Ukrainian farmers transfer from wheat to corn

2011-11-15 16:24:59

Loss of the third of winter wheat sowings in spring in Ukraine will make farmers to recollect about more profitable corn, sunflower seeds and soya.

As UKRINFORM reports with reference to newspaper Delovaya Stolitsa (Business Capital), in spring, national farmers will have to re-sow 2 million ha at the minimum under winter wheat, 400,000 ha - under barley and 300,000 ha - under rape. For the repeated cultivation of those lands it will be necessary at least UAH 3 billion (1 USD - 7.98 UAH).

The branch ministry, to which the government set ambitious plans on grain harvesting (in the draft state program for economic and social development in 2012 a 5.7% increase in the volumes of agricultural production is laid down, as well as the grain yield growth to 54 million tons), has already admitted that it will not be possible to settle the problem without attraction of budgetary funds. Since in addition to seeds, the farmers will need large funds for fertilizers, plant protection means and fuel.

It is unknown whether the state will be able to subsidize the spring campaign, taking into consideration great budget deficit.

Provided that money is not allocated, farmers will have to leave a part of farm lands uncultivated and the rest - to sow with more profitable cultures.

The Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry is planning to increase the share of corn seeds, spring wheat and cereals in the state reserve. However, Ukragroconsult analyst Yelyzaveta Malyshko is sure that the farmers will stake on corn, soya and sunflower seeds.

Taking into consideration the fact that internal needs of Ukraine in wheat makes up 12 million tons, its free export next year will be greatly questioned. Moreover, the agriculture ministry has already instructed the Agrarian Fund to increase reserve purchases of grain and rye from the earlier planned 1.5 million tons to 2.5-3 million tons.