Ukrainian banks experience need in resources - expert

2011-11-10 16:15:52

Ukrainian banks currently are experiencing the need in resources, Brokbusinessbank CEO Natalia Syniavska has said.

According to her, over a period since October 31 and until November 4, on the market of private deposits a quite prognosticated increase of deposit rates in the national currency was held by a number of banks.

"Taking into consideration that under modern conditions household deposits is the priority way for attraction of such resources, rising of deposit rates is a quite regular step. High cost of the attracted resource, in turn, tells on the credit cost," the expert underscored.

According to her, rising of deposit rates can continue until the year end at the minimum, but it is not ruled out that till spring 2012 the banking system of Ukraine may experience the need in resources.

Syniavska noted that currently the banks, in addition to traditional long-term (annual) deposits, are interested in so-called "short money." It is noticeable, since interest rates on time deposits have raised, their term makes up from three to six months.

According to the expert, interest rates on hryvnia deposits as of the end of last week were as follows: for the term of one month - from 1.5% tо 15% annual (average - 8.44%), three months - from 5.2% tо 14.5% (11.35%), six months - from 7.5% tо 15.5% (12.66%), 12 months - from 10.5% tо 18.28% (13.96%).

On U.S. dollar deposits, the rates are as follows: for one month - from 1.0% tо 5.75% (3.60%), three months - from 1% tо 7.75% (5.13%), six months - from 1% tо 8.25% (5.83%), 12 months - from 2.15% tо 9% (6.37%); on euro deposits: for one month - from 0.5% tо 4.0% (2.37%), three months - from 0.7% tо 6.75% (3.52%), six months - from 0.55% tо 7.25% (4.17%), 12 months - from 0.8% tо 7.75% (4.67%).