Peru emerges as China's major trading partner

2011-11-09 17:55:02

Peru is emerging as a major trading partner of China in Latin America and enjoys broad benefit from the robust bilateral trade, a senior official said on Monday.

"The relations aided by the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) are very rewarding because Peru is becoming the largest trading partner of China in Latin America," Raul Eduardo Bresani, director of Asia and Oceania affairs in the Foreign Ministry, told Xinhua.

Bilateral trade between Peru and China has maintained a good growth momentum since the FTA took effect in March 2010.

Luis Garcia, a researcher at the Institute of International Studies, said the current Peru-China relations are at their best.

"With China, Peru has the opportunity to explore new markets, rather than depending on the traditional markets such as the United States and the European Union," Garcia said.

Finally, he said China will find Peru a strong ally to achieve the shared goals of both countries.