Ukraine. Yield of grain crops will make up 54 million tons in 2012 - Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry

2011-11-09 12:09:33

In 2012, the government is planning to increase agricultural production by 5.7% and a growth of grain crops yield will make up 54 million tons. Just those indexes are laid down in the draft State Program for economic and social development of Ukraine for 2012, Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk has said, the ministry press service informed.

"Success in fulfillment of the program for sowing of winter cultures is stipulated by full readiness of village economies for the sowing season. Those results will allow us to form such food stocks next year, which will allow avoiding deficit in bread and flour products. But the main thing is that just thanks to effective activities of farmers and such high results we can guarantee the country's food security," Prysiazhniuk said.

In addition, the Minister noted that Ukrainian farmers, as of November 8, sowed 99% of the acreage. 17 regions completed their sowing campaigns.

"9.2 million ha were sowed with winter cultures, which actually is equal to previous year indexes. Still long before the start of the sowing campaign, farmers were fully provided with all necessary seeds. Therefore, we hope that next year, the gathered yield of grain crops will provide our domestic needs more than enough," the Agrarian Policy and Food Minister underscored.