Ukraine. Premier Azarov appraises GDP growth at 5.3% over 10 months

2011-11-09 12:07:54

Over 10 months of 2011, GDP growth in Ukraine made up 5.3%, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov told a special meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the Crimean Autonomous Republic, the government's press service informs.

"Over 10 months, we have a growth of industrial production at 9%, GDP growth at 5.3%. This is a very good index for us. In other words, we start to go out of that extremely deep crisis," the Premier noted.

Azarov also said that the government expects that in 2012 it will manage to reach a GDP growth at the level of 2007.

"We are forecasting GDP growth at 5% for 2012, and finally we will manage to reach the level, where we were in 2007," he said.

Earlier, the Economic Development and Trade Ministry informed that GDP growth by results of nine months was fixed at 5.3%.

GDP growth in Ukraine in Q3, 2011, against Q3 of the previous year (in constant prices of 2007) made up 6.6%. Against Q2, 2011, with taking into consideration a seasonal factor, GDP grew by 2.2%.