Greece is to pick new Prime Minister

2011-11-07 14:24:04

Socialist and conservative government united under the pressure of international leaders as two leading parties agreed to create 15 week
government in order to ensure acceptance and implementation of debt deal that has been quite a milestone during the last several months. Socialist
Prime Minister George Papandreou and conservative leader Antonis Samaras are to resume talks Monday to hammer out the composition of the
new 15-week government. Papandreou and Samaras agreed on the interim coalition late Sunday under mounting international pressure for cross-
party acceptance of the deal. As part of the deal, Papandreou agreed to step down halfway through his four-year term. Stocks and indices reacted
differently with Down Jones down -0.51% and WIG -0.98. UAIndex, usually highly correlated with these indices increased by +0.96% as Ukrainian
agroholdings remain active on mergers and acquisitions market and show positive financial results.