Kaskiv: State investment agency signs USD 3.7 b worth of memorandums for 2012

2011-11-03 16:56:50

The State Agency for Investments and Management of National Projects of Ukraine has signed memorandums worth USD 3.7 billion, which are to be implemented in 2012, the agency's head, Vladyslav Kaskiv, has said in an exclusive interview with UKRINFORM.

"I believe that the amount of investment contracted in national projects at a level of nearly USD 500 million is rather a significant figure. It's also necessary to remember the signing of memorandums worth 3.7 billion U.S. dollars, which are to be implemented in 2012. These achievements, under the conditions of insufficient financing, are successful figures that correspond to the results that were planned in early 2011," Kaskiv said. He said that the financing of the agency's work, as well as the financing of measures aimed at promoting the development of investment activity and the implementation of national projects, was currently only 9% fulfilled.

Kaskiv said that he considered remarks made by Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov at an extended meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Committee on Economic Reform on Wednesday to be "an element of constructive discussions on ways to modernize public administration."

While commenting on the drafting of a bill on national projects, the head of the State Agency for Investments and Management of National Projects of Ukraine noted that this document had passed all of the approval procedures and was submitted for consideration by the government three weeks ago. Kaskiv said that this work was carried out by several teams of experts only for five months.

He said that "UAH 26 million was saved this year only due to transparent government procurement, which covers spending on the maintenance of the agency five times."

Kaskiv also said that the official launch of the Single Investment Window service would be announced on November 15, which will start one-and-a-half months earlier than planned. An international high-level investment conference will be held on December 9, he added. At the initiative of the Ukrainian president, an investment project exchange will start working on the electronic platform InestUkraine.com by the end of this year, Kaskiv said.