Ukraine conducts negotiations on entering Eurasian Development Bank

2011-10-31 15:25:45

Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) conducts negotiations with Ukraine about including the country into the number of bank participants, EDB CEO Igor Finogenov told an UKRINFORM correspondent.

"I am sure that the Council will take a decision about accepting Ukraine as a participant of the bank and the fund. The matter concerns two separate procedures, which should be underwent by the country, a potential bank participant," he has said.

Finogenov could not name the expected amount of contribution of the Ukrainian party to authorized capital of the bank. "The amount, which Ukraine will pay to authorized capital, is the affair of Ukraine. We understand that there are budget restrictions. But it seems to me that the contribution should be noticeable, worthy," the EDB CEO explained. According to him, the matter concerns "tens of millions."

EDB was founded by governments of Russia and Kazakhstan in 2006. Belarus, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kirgizstan also became participants in the bank. Authorized capital of the bank makes up USD 1.5 billion.