Russia will offer its partners in the customs union to limit the export of grain

2011-10-28 14:57:46

Russia will offer its partners in the customs union - Belarus and Kazakhstan - to limit the export of grain, if she so chooses.

"The mechanism of imposition of duties underCustoms union is given the level of individual states, but we will offer Belarus and Kazakhstan, in the case of restrictive measures on our grain market, to introduce some analogue in itself, "- said director of the agri-food market regulation and development of the Institutefrastructure Agriculture Minister Sergey Sukhov, at a press conference in Moscow on Wednesday, reports of "Agro Perspectiva". "If they agree - it is their will, but their right to disagree and take the grain in his view," - he added.

As stated at the press conferenceVice-President of the Russian Grain Union Alexander Korbut, the Customs Union shows that is workable, especially in critical situations. "During the 'grain embargo" Russia supplied grain in Kazakhstan, it occurred withincommon customs area ", - he said. "Opportunities have enormous - in the future, I think the world market, we will play together," - he said. As previously reported, Russia may restrict the export of grain, if it reaches a volume of 24-25 million tons. As of today,Day exported about 12 million tons. It is assumed that the limiting mechanism will be ready by early December. According to A. Korbut, "barrier method - sufficiently precise tools." "If it is, it will be transparent to the business and its reputation, which sufferedlast year from a sharp export ban, this season will not suffer, "- he said. According to S. Sukhov, at harvest of 90 million tonnes (net weight) over stocks of grain in Russia to July 1, 2012 could reach 16 million tons