Ukrainian bankers dissatisfied with free trade area agreement with CIS countries

2011-10-27 14:45:02

An agreement on creation of the free trade area (FTA) between the CIS countries provides for reduction, not expansion of a list of goods, included into the FTA, President of the Association of Ukrainian Banks (AUB) Oleksandr Suhoniako has said.

"Article 2 of the Agreement on the free trade zone provides for 40 pages of withdrawals from the free trade regime. This is actually "an agreement on withdrawals from the free trade area" rather than the free trade area agreement," he said.

According to Suhoniako, the agreement provides for the use of import duties for goods from Ukraine by Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Russia, in particular, for sugar, vodka, sugar beet seeds and lactose.

Also, export duties for Ukrainian goods are imposed as follows: Azerbaijan - for metal sector products (39 positions); Belarus - for oil, oil products, potassium fertilizers, woolfell, timber (9 positions); Kazakhstan - for oil, oil products, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, gas others (37 positions); the Russian Federation - for coke, ores, gas, oil and oil products, forest products, diamonds, scrap metal and others (72 positions).

According to the expert, before the signature of this agreement, the government had to consult with public organizations and business associations.

Suhoniako also noted that this transaction should be in free access.

To remind, the agreement on the free trade area was signed by Prime Ministers of CIS member countries October 18 in St. Petersburg (Russia).