47.3 million tons of grain threshed - agriculture ministry

2011-10-25 11:16:02

As of October 21, Ukraine threshed 47.3 million tons of grain, which is 20.1% more than by this date in 2010, the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food reported.

Grains and legumes were harvested from 13.8 million hectares, or 90% of the forecast. The average yield of these crops across the country is 34.2 centners per hectare, against 27.6 centners per hectare last year.

Corn was threshed in the volume of 11.8 million tons from 2.1 million hectares (58% of the forecast). Its average yield is 56.7 centners per hectare, whereas in 2010 it was 43.6 centners per hectare.

Buckwheat was harvested from 0.274 million hectares (97% of the forecast). It was threshed in the amount of 0.309 million tons with an average yield of 11.3 centners per hectare against last year's 8.2 centners per hectare.

Millet was threshed on 0.15 million hectares (99% of the forecast) with an output of 0.291 million tons and an average yield of 19.1 centners per hectare (in 2010 - 15.3 centners per hectare).

Farmers continue harvesting industrial crops. In particular, as of 21 October, 8.2 million tons of sunflower was harvested from 4.4 million hectares (96% of the forecast). Its average yield is 18.6 centners per hectare, whereas in the past year 16 centners per hectare.

According to regional data, as of October 5, the expected production of the 2011 harvest crops will be about 53 million tons.