Belarus’ food export up 26% in January-August

2011-10-21 17:07:17

In January-August 2011, Belarus’ exports of food products were up by 25.8% from the same period last year to a total of $2591.8 million, BelTA learnt from the National Statistics Committee.

In the period under review, imports increased by 18.6% to $1261.6 million.

An increase in the value of exports and imports of food is primarily due to higher average prices. Average prices for exported food products were up by 18.8%, those for imported products by 15.2%. Commodity weight of exports edged up by only 5.9%, that of imports by 3%.

Belarus’ main food exports were dairy and meat products. Food exports increased on the back of growth of the cost of pork (by $95.6 million), cheeses and cottage cheese ($58.5 million), beef ($44.8 million), poultry ($50.1 million), butter ($33.6 million). At the same time the cost of pork imports rose by $92.1 million, vegetable oil by $28.4 million, potato by $9 million, frozen fish $14.6 million, apples by $10.6 million.

In January-August 2011 export of milk and milk products in kind amounted to 433,100 tonnes (up 5.8% as against January-August 2010), meat and meat products to 160,000 tonnes (up 22.9%). The share of food products in total exports in January-August this year made up 10% versus 13.3% in January-August 2010.

In January-August this year Belarus imported 102,600 tonnes of grain crops, up 22.1% from January-August 2010. Delivery of animal feed products rose by 0.2% and amounted to 34,300 tonnes. Frozen fish imports amounted to 63,300 tonnes (down 11.7% from January-August 2010). Belarus imported 66,300 tonnes of vegetable oil, which makes up 91.9% as against January-August, 2010.

In January-August 2011, food accounted for 4.2% of total imports (5.2% in January-August 2010). In January-August the surplus amounted to $1330.2 million as against $995.6 million in January-August last year.