Employer federation set up in Ukraine's agro-industrial complex

2011-10-19 11:16:02

Cooperation of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food with specialists and experts of the Federation of Employers of the Agro-Industrial Complex will strengthen the dialogue between farmers and the state, Agriculture Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk said during the presentation and constituent assembly of the newly set up Federation.

"The agro-industrial sector is the only industry that did not have a federation of employers, and finally this organization was created," he said.

"The Federation will bring together the efforts of farmers in upholding various programs and incentives. At least, I would wish the Federation not to become just a new association, but to work for the result. In addition, active cooperation of the Ministry with the Federation will strengthen the social dialogue between the government and farmers," Prysiazhniuk underscored.