Chinese and French economies

2011-10-18 11:48:14

Chinese economy has shown lower-than-forecasted GDP growth rate, causing wave of uncertainty on stock exchange markets, as most of the
stocks performed poorly on Monday, October 17th. The spread between French and German 10-year government bond yields rose to a 16-year high
after rating agency Moody's said it may slap a negative outlook on France's credit rating in the next three months. Concerns have been rising over
the costs to Europe's major economies if they have to bail out more banks or weaker euro zone members. China's annual gross domestic product
growth eased to 9.1 percent in July-September, slightly below forecasts of 9.2 percent, indicating the world's second-largest economy expanded at
its slowest pace since the second quarter of 2009. UAIndex declined by moderate 1.10%, while one of its companies-members fell by 37.14% in
daily terms (MCB Agricole).